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What History Tells Us About the Election: Multiracial Democracy vs. The Pre-1965 “White Republic”: Interview on KPFA’s Letters and Politics program hosted by Mitch Jeserich, November 9, 2020, can be found here.

NEW EDITION REVIEW:  Spring Magazine (Canada) ,Lessons from the New Communist Movement,” September 9, 2020, by Peter Hogarth.

Global Cooperation or New Cold War? The People’s Foreign Policy, A webinar featuring Max Elbaum and Tobita Chow, Sponsored by Massachusetts Peace Action, Organizing Upgrade and Justice Is Global, September 16, can be seen here.

Polarization U.S.A.: Interview on KPFA’s Letters and Politics program hosted by Mitch Jeserich, August 31, 2020, can be found here.

A 1968 Kind of Year, appearance on The Bitchuation Room podcast hosted by Francesca Fiorentini, also featuring Matt Lieb, August 27, 2020. Audio can be found here and video with audio can be found here.

What’s at Stake for the Left in the 2020 Election? Francesca Rheannon and I were student activists together in Madison Wisconsin in the late 1960s. She is now an award-winning free-lance radio journalist and producer and host of Writer’s Voice. Her interview with me,  part of the Writer’s Voice “What You Need to Know” series, cab be found here.

Interview on KPFA Against the Grain program hosted by C.S. Soong, July 14, 2020: The Radical Left and Biden vs. Trump, can be found here.

A video of Max Elbaum and Margo Okazawa-Rey in conversation about Organizing During the COVID-19 Crisis, fighting anti-Asian violence and building working class power, sponsored by DSA Socialist Majority on April 9, 2020 can be found here

NEW EDITION RADIO INTERVIEW:  The Grass Is Greener on WXRW in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Max Elbaum on the Left, broadcast December 15, 2019

NEW EDITION PODCAST: Renegade Paradise, Official Podcast of the Charleston, South  Carolina DSA Chapter,  Episode #10 –  Revolution in the Air Interview; Episode #11 – Presentation at the ILA Local 422 Hall, November 2019.

NEW EDITION PODCAST:  Giving the Mic to the Wrong Person, Lessons Learned from the New Communist Movement and SDS, recorded in Portland July 13, 2019

NEW EDITION VIDEO OF BOOK DISCUSSION: Max Elbaum and speakers from Portland DSA Red Caucus speaking about Revolution in the Air at a Portland Book Event July 11, 2019.

NEW EDITION VIDEO OF BOOK DISCUSSION: Willie Baptist, Darryl Waistline Mitchell and Max Elbaum at THE PEOPLE’S FORUM, April 29, 2019

NEW EDITION REVIEW:  Commune, “Maoism in the Air We Breathe,” November 29, 2018, by Colleen Lye 

NEW EDITION PODCAST:  The Dig, “Lessons from the New Left,” October 10, 2018, hosted by Daniel Denvir 

NEW EDITION INTERVIEW:  In These Times, August 16, 2018, by Micah Uetricht;
also posted on Jacobin September 30, 2018

NEW EDITION VIDEO OF BOOK DISCUSSION:  Alicia Garza and Max Elbaum in conversation at the Bay Area launch of Revolution in the Air April 21, 2018; you can watch and listen here.

NEW EDITION VIDEO OF BOOK DISCUSSION:  Kazembe Balagun and Max Elbaum in conversation at the New York launch May 10, 2018; watch and listen here.

NEW EDITION VIDEO OF BOOK DISCUSSION: Revolution in the Air book talk in Sacramento May 20, 2018 sponsored by Democratic Socialists of America – Sacramento and The Marxist School of Sacramento;the video is here, and an audio only posting of the same session can be found here.

NEW EDITION RADIO INTERVIEW:  Trumpism’s Global Strategyby Allen Ruff on WORT in Madison, Wisconsin February 21, 2019

NEW EDITION ARTICLE:  Critical Historical Sociology Blog, November 30, 2018, by Max Elbaum

NEW EDITION INTERVIEW: Jacobin Italia, ‘La sinistra Usa verso e presidenziali,’ by Bruno Walter Renato Toscano, February 15, 2019 (In Italian)

NEW EDITION REVIEW:  Organizing Upgrade, August 8, 2018, by Rishi Awatramani

NEW EDITION PODCAST:  The Bitchuation RoomEpisode #12, December 2018, a live progressive comedy podcast moderated by Francesca Fiorentini

NEW EDITION PODCAST:  Trillbilly Worker’s Party – New Year, New Left, Episode 79, out of Eastern Kentucky

NEW EDITION REVIEW:  Jacobin, July 2018, by Ethan Young

NEW EDITION VIDEO INTERVIEW: The Sixties: Seeds of the Revolution on the Marc Steiner Show on the Real News Network, May 2018

NEW EDITION INTERVIEW:  The New Communist Movement Revisited: An Interview with Max Elbaumby Mat Callahan for Socialism and Democracy Journal Vol 32, No. 2 July 2018

Review and NEW EDITION SUPPLEMENT: Marxism List/Marxism Glossary Discussion List, by Darryl Waistline Mitchell

NEW EDITION REVIEW:  Marxism Glossary Discussion List, October 2018, by Anthony Choice-Diaz

NEW EDITION REVIEW:  Marx & Philosophy Review of Books September 2018, by Derek Wall

NEW EDITION REVIEW/DEBATE:  Viewpoint, Review by Paul Saba, July 19, 2018; Reply by Max Elbaum August 28, 2018

NEW EDITION REVIEW: Where Is the Way Forward?, April 20, 2018, by Jan Adams

Los Angeles Times Sunday Book Review, September 8, 2002, by Tony Platt

Village Voice, July 3-9, 2002, by David J. Garrow, author of Bearing the Cross (Pulitzer Prize 1986)

Up in the Air: The Legacy of the New Communist Movement, Interview October 2010, by Spencer A. Leonard

Tangled Up in the Milieu: Interview on the 2006 Publication of the Paperback Edition of Revolution in the Air,  by Ron Jacobs

Socialism and Democracy No. 34, by Paul Buhle

Against the Current, November/December 2002, by Patrick M. Quinn

Left History (Canada), Winter 2003, by Christopher Phelps

Radical History Review, Fall 2004, by Roderick D. Bush

Capital and Class, February 2010, by Esmee Hanna 

Monthly Review Zine, January 2006, by Paul Le Blanc

A Special Section of the Winter 2003 issue of Freedom Road magazine,including several reviews and comments, is devoted to a discussion of the issues raised in Revolution in the Air. Two related exchanges on Maoism and the history of the New Communist Movement are also included in this section. 

Science and Society, Summer 2004, by Alan Wald 

International Socialist Review, May-June, 2007, by Geoff Bailey

Socialism and Democracy #55, March 2011, by Robeson Taj P. Frazier

Because People Matter, January/February 2003, by Dan Bacher

H-Net Online, February, 2007, by Sean Purdy

Portside, January 15, 2007, by Ethan Young

Milo and the Calf, February 2017

May Day Books, January 13, 2008, by “Red Frog”

Weekly Worker (CP of Great Britain), October 2006, by Mike Macnair

Marxism Mailing List, August 10, 2002, by list moderator Louis Proyect

Political Affairs, November 2003, by Adam Minksy

CounterPunch, January 17/18, 2004, by Ron Jacobs

Green Left Weekly (Australia), July 2004, by Barry Sheppard

Journal of Social History, Fall 2004, by David Barber

Clarte (Sweden), 2003, by Olle Josephson

History (UK), October 2003, by M. J. Heale

Theoria (South Africa), December 2003, by Richard Pithouse

Asian American Revolutionary Movement E-zine, Dec. 29, 2003, by Mike Liu

Goldner Web Site, by Loren Goldner

Socialist Review (UK), January 2003, by Mark Thomas

The Nonviolent Activist, November/December 2002, by John Trinkl

New Politics, Winter 2003, by Steve Early

Bay Area Committees of Correspondence Newsletter, Winter 2003, by John Trinkl

New Socialist (Canada), October/November 2002, by Sebastian Lamb

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Democratic Left Mailing List, Oct. 2, 2002, by Tim Sears

Left Turn, Oct/Nov 2002, by Christopher Day

Madison Insurgent, October 2002, by Allen Ruff, a historian, anti-imperialist activist and member of Solidarity

“It’s No Accident” Internet political column May 6, 2002, by University of Pittsburgh student activist John Lacny

The Foxhill Review, March 2, 2011, by V. Charm

Rethinking Anarchism Blog, June 2009

Generation Positive Canada Blog July 2010 by Gregory Klages

CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries February 2003, Vol. 40, No. 06 by D. R. Turner

Milwaukee Shepherd Express, Oct 3, 2002 by Doug Hissom

ONWARD, Vol. 3, Issue 2 (Fall 2002), an interview with Max Elbaum by Chris Crass