Marathon for Peace 2018

Family and Friends,

Whether or not the Trump/GOP drive toward a racialized authoritarian state takes a hit on November 6, the fight against Washington’s war-making and militarism will need a big boost. That’s why I’m running my 13th annual Marathon for Peace and 40th Marathon overall November 25 in Seattle to raise funds for U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW).

USLAW – which was just honored with the William Sloane Coffin Peacemaker Award by New York State Peace Action – has been a pillar of antiwar efforts since its founding 15 years ago. It is distinguished by its focus on bringing an anti-militarist program to the labor movement and workers generally and by its consistency in linking the fight against war to the battles against economic and racial inequality and the danger of climate change. USLAW stands out in building solidarity and direct connections with workers and antiwar partisans across the globe. Most recently it has led two delegations to South Korea to coordinate efforts with the labor movement there in the struggle to blunt the U.S.-driven war danger in Northeast Asia. For a glimpse into the delegation’s work and spirit, check out this inspiring video:

Can you pitch in a dollar or two for each of my upcoming Marathon’s 26.2 miles to support these kinds of make-a-difference efforts? You can donate at this link:

Or you can send a check made out to USLAW to USLAW, 1030 15th St. NW #153, Washington DC 20005.

Thanks to the generosity of more than 150 of you, each of the last two years’ Marathons for Peace has raised over $11,000. I am hoping to match or exceed that amount this year.

Hate-mongering that is used to justify escalating violence here and around the world spews forth from the White House every day. William Butler Yeats’ powerful image – “the blood dimmed tide is loosed” – hits home with alarm-bell urgency. But what Yeats wrote two lines after – that “the best lack all conviction” – is absolutely not the case. USLAW and many other organizations are working ever day to make sure that “the ceremony of innocence” will not be drowned, that hate-mongering will not prevail over an upsurge for justice and peace that is not only large but organized and focused. Please be as generous as you can to move their work forward:

Thanks, Peace and Hope!