Marathon for Peace 2016 – More Than $11,000 Raised for USLAW

rocketcity1Family and Friends,

The temperature at the start of the Rocket City Marathon December 10 was 24 degrees and it only got up to 35 by the finish. My right leg held up better than I expected for the first 10 miles but after that it was a tough slog. I finished in 4:55:36 – 20 minutes slower than Marathon for Peace 2015 in Philadelphia and almost a full hour-and-a-half slower than my personal best (3:26:53) at the Napa Valley Marathon in 1999 when I was just 52. My pace was 11 minutes/20 seconds per mile. .

Though this year’s run was slow and cold, I had a smile on my face from the start because your generosity had already pushed the amount of money raised for US Labor against the War over the $7,500 target. And as of this writing the rocketcity2total is over $9,300! Can any of you lend a last-minute hand so USLAW could get a full $10,000? (Note: Final total was over $11,000!) You can donate on-line here or write a check made out to USLAW and mail it to USLAW, 1718 M Street, NW, #153, Washington DC 20036.

Now to start training for Marathon for Peace 2017!












rocketcity3November 20, 2016

Family and Friends,

A crucial component of resisting the forces bent on racial and imperial revenge who triumphed November 8 is revitalizing the movement against militarism and war. That’s why I’m running my 11th annual Marathon for Peace and 38th Marathon overall December 10 to raise funds for U.S. Labor Against the War.

Can you pitch in a dollar or two here for each of the Marathon’s 26.2 miles to support USLAW’s vital work?

Just in the last year, USLAW has been in the thick of efforts to achieve a peaceful resolution to the conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen; support the nuclear deal with Iran; act in solidarity with the Water Protectors at Standing Rock; and take on the connection between militarism and climate change. The group launched a weekly headline news bulletin, and has developed a model resolution and workshop on combating Islamophobia – clearly something that will be of special importance in the coming months and years.

The 2014 and 2015 Marathons for Peace each raised over $7,500 for USLAW. Can you help make sure this year’s total is at least that much? You can donate on-line here or send a check made out to USLAW to USLAW, 1718 M Street, NW, #153, Washington DC 20036.

This year’s Marathon will be slower than in previous years. I did run a successful Marathon in Helena Montana in June and finished in the top half of my age group. But since then I’ve been afflicted by a series of problems in my right leg. I’m not going to be back to 100% by race day, so my only commitment time-wise is that I will cross the finish line before they take it down.

But I’ll cross that line with a smile on my face if through your generosity we raise $7,500 so USLAW can intensify its work against racism, militarism, climate change and war.

Thanks, Peace and Hope!


P.S.: Like all of you I’ve been in intense conversations about the election results and the most effective course of action going forward. We face the urgent challenge of defending those communities that the new administration will attack first and hardest and, thinking ahead, organizing to scale so that Donald Trump is only a one term President. Here are a few articles I’ve found especially useful in tackling these issues:

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