(Half) Marathon for Peace – Support US Labor Against the War

Family and Friends

I’m running my 14th annual Marathon for Peace in Raleigh, North Carolina November 3 to raise money for US Labor Against the War (USLAW) and I’m asking for your support.

U.S. militarism is shedding blood across the globe, accelerating climate change and feeding a national security state that threatens every domestic social justice movement. And even if we succeed in defeating Trump and his white nationalist coalition in November 2020, it will take massive pressure from the grassroots to stop U.S. wars, end the military’s grip on the federal budget and clear a path to radical change.

Building on 16 years of work bringing internationalism to unions and working class people across the U.S., USLAW is vital component of what’s needed to build that pressure. USLAW’s newest co-convener is union organizer Yasemin Zahra who came from a village of tea farmers in Turkey to the states at the age of seven. Her message is that “the obligation of our incoming group of energized, young, diverse leaders is to position the labor movement to be the powerful vehicle for international worker solidarity and help shape the moral and political vision our labor movement requires.”

Can you pitch in to make sure USLAW has the resources to make this vision a reality? You can donate at this link:


As you may have noticed from the subject line, this year’s run is a half, not a full, Marathon. After pounding out 39,000 miles, including 40 Marathon races, in the last 24 years – and spending 72 years on the planet – my body is no longer able to cover 26.2 miles without injury. So this year I’ll do just 13.1 miles. But since each mile is tougher, I’m asking for $1.50 or $3.00 per mile rather than just one dollar or two. So please consider donating $20, $40 or more to USLAW to reach this year’s $7,500 goal. Here is the donation link:


Or you can send a check made out to USLAW to USLAW, 1030 15th St. NW #153, Washington DC 20005. (If you want to claim a tax deduction, make your check payable to “USLAW-AFGJ”)

Please be as generous as you can. Thanks, Peace and Hope!


PS: Regarding strategies for ousting the racist and authoritarian Trump coalition from power and starting a new cycle of progressive change, check out recent postings on Organizing Upgrade (I’m among the site’s editors) at: https://organizingupgrade.com/