Crossing the Finish Line for Peace and USLAW

Philadelphia-FinishOver $7,000 Raised for Peace and USLAW

Family and Friends,

Sunday was certainly an apt day to run the Philadelphia Marathon for peace and to
raise funds for US Labor Against the War.

In the wake of the terrorist crimes against humanity in Paris, once again this country
is bombarded with fear-mongering, war-drum beating, anti-Muslim bigotry and right-
wing demagogic posturing. USLAW is going all-out to oppose intensified militarism
and racism and working to prevent the disastrous U.S. policies that followed 9/11
from being repeated. (USLAW’s statement on Paris and its aftermath is below.)
Together we can provide USLAW with the financial resources the organization
needs tor the difficult stretch ahead.

Thanks to the generosity of so many of you, this year’s Marathon for Peace has
already raised over $5,000 for USLAW to continue its work. Can you help push
this total to the fundraising finish line with a donation of a dollar or more for
each of the marathon’s 26.2 miles? You can donate on-line here or send a check
made out to USLAW to USLAW, 1718 M Street, NW, #153, Washington DC 20036.

In Philadelphia my marathon time was 4:36:36, a 10 minutes, 33 seconds per mile
pace. Some foot problems, a bone-chilling head-wind from mile 13 to mile 20 and
the inevitable slowing down that comes from pounding out 35 previous marathons
meant I ran 10 minutes slower than last year. But I still finished in the top 40% of
the men’s 65-69 age group (23rd of 59 runners) and felt fit and ready to start planning
next year’s Marathon for Peace five minutes after grabbing my post-race banana.

Thanks and Peace,


Marathon for Peace 2015 – Support US Labor Against the War

Family and Friends,

It’s now 50 years since I first marched for peace protesting the U.S. war in Vietnam
and 20 years since I ran my first marathon race.

Hundreds of antiwar actions and 35 marathon races later, I may run and march a little
slower. But I’m as passionate about peace, justice and long distance running as ever.

So this November I’m going to put those two passions together in my tenth annual
Marathon for Peace to raise funds for the vital work of US Labor Against the War
(USLAW). Can you pitch in with a donation of a dollar or more for each of the
marathon’s 26.2 miles?

Since its founding in January 2003 USLAW has been a crucial voice for peace within
the trade union movement and a unifying force within the antiwar movement overall.
USLAW’s work was decisive in getting the AFL-CIO (for the first time ever) and many
of its affiliates to oppose a U.S. foreign war (Iraq). USLAW’s campaigns to de-
militarize U.S. foreign policy have significantly altered the political dynamics
within the labor movement. But never content to rest on its laurels or stand still,
USLAW is now in the midst of an exciting generational leadership transition. Michael
Eisenscher, USLAW national coordinator since its founding, is shifting to a different
role in the organization and Reece Chenault is stepping up to take on the Coordinator
position. The entire peace movement has a stake in making sure that as Reece
assumes this challenging new role USLAW has the financial resources to continue
and expand its work.

Putting USLAW on a solid financial footing is also a way to thank and pay tribute to
Michael for his central role in building USLAW. I know nothing would make Michael h
appier as he changes roles than knowing that Reece won’t have to worry about
USLAW’s finances as he takes the reins.

Last year’s Marathon for Peace raised over $8,000 for USLAW. Can you help bring
this year’s total to over $10,000? You can donate on-line here or send a check made
out to USLAW to USLAW, 1718 M Street, NW, #153, Washington DC 20036.

At age 68 it will probably take me longer to run 26.2 miles this year than it did in
last year’s Marathon for Peace (4:26:19) not to mention back in 1999-2000 when I
ran the Napa Valley Marathon in 3:26:53 and then Boston in 3:34:25. But I’ll be
delighted if whenever I cross the finish line we’ve met this year’s fundraising goals
and are enabling USLAW to intensify its work against militarism and war.

Thanks and Peace!