Chronology Part Six: Source Reference Guide

Chronology Part Six, Source Reference Guide

   2-3-Many: PUL,  Two, Three Many Parties of a New Type? Against the Ultra-Left Line 

 20th Congress: Report of the Central Committee, CPSU to the 20th Congress of the CPSU, given by N.S. Khrushchev, New Century Publishers pamphlet

 504 Commemoration: Pamphlet commemorating the 20th anniversary of the victorious 504 sit-in for disability civil rights

AAWO: Alliance Against Women’s Oppression, Our History and Political Line 1980 pamphlet

 Academy: The Academy Awards Handbook, by John Harkness (Pinnacle Books-Kensington Publishing Company, New York, 1994)

   Acid: Acid Dreams: The CIA, LSD and the Sixties Rebellion, by Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain (Grove Press, New York, 1985)

Afghanistan: pamphlet by Irwin Silber, Afghanistan: The Battle Line Is Drawn

   Agbayani: Flyer about building Agbayani Village, in “Reports to NY 1973”

AIDS: pamphlet, The Politics of AIDS, by Nancy Krieger and Rose Appleman

   AK: Ang Katipunan newspaper, issue date cited with reference

 Alkalimat/Johnson: Toward the Ideological Unity of the African Liberation Support Committee: A Response to Criticisms of the ALSC Statement of Principles Adopted at Frogmore, South Carolina June-July 1973, pamphlet by Abdul Alkalimat and Nelson Johnson

Allen: Robert L. Allen, Black Awakening in Capitalist America

Almanac: 1996 Information Please Almanac

ALR: Australian Left Review, issue date and/or number given with reference

 ALSC: African Liberation Support Committee, Statement of Principles pamphlet

Anderson/Europe: Peter Anderson, Crisis of the Revolutionary Left in Europe, from the British group Big Flame, maybe 1980.

Apology: Sayres, Sohnya (Editor), along with Anders Stephenson, Stanley Aronowitz and Fredric Jameson, ‘60s Without Apology 

 Appeal: Appeal to Reason, theoretical journal (succeeding Proletariat) of the CLP; various issues, issue number or date given with reference

Aronowitz: Stanley Aronowitz, The Death and Rebirth of American Radicalism, Routledge, 1996

   ARC45-50: “Anti-Revisionist Communism in the U.S., 1945-50”, TR #11

   Asians Unite!: Asians Unite! publication from Asian Studies and Asian Strike Committee UC-B  issue number given with reference 

   ATC: Against the Current, journal sponsored by Solidarity, issue number and/or date cited with reference

   Background: Some Background Articles for a Discussion of the International Situation from RCP-sponsored conference

   Barnet: Richard J. Barnet, Intervention and Revolution: The United States in the Third World

   Bennion: Pamphlet by Adam Bennion, Recent Developments in the Prison Movement, with appendices 

Berlet: Chip Berlet, Clouds Blur the Rainbow: The Other Side of the New Alliance Party, topical report from Political Research Associates 1987

BIDOM: Bulletin in Defense of Marxism, from the Fourth Internationalist Tendency (FIT), issue number cited with reference

   Black Scholar: The Black Scholar, various issues, volume and number, and/or date, given with reference

BL-BL: Black Liberation and Proletarian Revolution pamphlet from the Bolshevik League

   Blesoff,: Paper on history of CWP and New Communist Movement in general by CWP member Mark Blesoff

Bolshevik: Bolshevik, organ of the Revolutionary Workers League (ML), issue number and/or date cited with reference

Bolshevik Revolution: Bolshevik Revolution, published by the Bolshevik League of the U.S., issue number and/or date cited with reference

   Boyd: Herb Boyd, Black Panthers for Beginners, Writers and Readers Publications, 1995 

 Boyte: Harry C. Boyte, The Backyard Revolution: Understanding the New Citizen Movement

   Braunthal: Julius Braunthal, History of the International, Vol. 1, 2 or 3

   Breakthrough: Breakthrough journal of the PFOC, issue number and/or date cited with reference

   Bribery: Committee of U.S. Bolsheviks, Imperialism, Superprofits and the Bribery of the U.S. “Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement”  1979

Brown: Elaine Brown, A Taste of Power: A Black Woman’s Story (New York, Pantheon Books, 1992)

Burning: Burning Questions of Party Building, a pamphlet issued by the Marxist-Leninist Education Committee

Burning Spear: The Burning Spear, newspaper of the APSP, issue date cited with reference

   Burstein: Draft report of Dan Burstein to Second CP(ML) Congress – unpublished in my files

   Cabral: Unity and Struggle: Speeches and Writings of Amilcar Cabral

Call: The Call, newspaper of the OL, then the CP(ML) issue number and or date cited with reference

   Cambodia: Cambodia 1973 fact sheet from Indochina Resource Center

   Carson: Carson, Clayborne. In Struggle: SNCC and the Black Awakening of the 1960s. Harvard University Press. 1981

   Central America: Central America Fact Book, Tom Barry and Deb Preusch

Cboggs: Carl Boggs, Gramsci’s Marxism, Pluto Press, London, 1976

Century: A Century of World Communism by George J. Prpic

Chang: Gordon Chang article in Monthly Review, September 1986

Chart or chart: Graphic chart of New Communist Movement organizations on the “back” of text portion of Forward No. 3 by the Communist Workers Group (Marxist-Leninist) 1977

   Che: Che Guevara and the Cuban Revolution: Writing and Speeches of Ernesto Che Guevara, especially the chronology  

Chicano: 500 Años  del Pueblo Chicano/500 Years of Chicano History in Pictures, edited by Elizabeth Martínez

China Alliance: pamphlet, China’s Alliance with U.S. Imperialism, by the Spartacus Youth League

   China appendix: Appendix for China Paper by Hari Dillon

CISPES: CISPES: 15 Years of Solidarity, booklet for CISPES 1995 Sixth National Convention

CJDV: Committee for Justice for Domingo and Viernes material

   Class Struggle: OL and then CP(ML) journal, issue number cited with reference

 CM: Contemporary Marxism, journal from DWP, issue number and/or date cited with reference

   Cohen: Voices of Glasnost: Interviews with Gorbachev’s Reformers, by Stephen Cohen and Katrina vanden Heuvel (W.W. Norton & Co., New York, London, 1989)

COINTELPRO: The COINTELPRO Papers: Documents from the FBI’s Secret Wars Against Domestic Dissent, by Ward Churchill and Jim Vander Wall (South End Press)

   Communist:  The Communist, newspaper of Workers Congress, issue date cited with reference

   Communist/RCP: The Communist, theoretical journal of the RCP for a time, issue number and/or date cited with reference

 Communist Voice: Communist Voice, publication of the Communist Voice Organization, issue number and/or date cited with reference

   Costello: “A Critical History of the New Communist Movement by Paul Costello in Theoretical Review #13

Crazy Horse: In the Spirit of Crazy Horse: The Story of Leonard Peltier and the FBI’s War on the American Indian Movement, by Peter Matthiessen

Crisis/Rethinking: “Crisis, Rethinking and Regroupment on the U.S. Left” 1990 working paper by executive committee of the Frontline Political Organization

   CrossRoads: CrossRoads magazine various issues, issue number cited with reference

CrossRoads Sustainer Notes: various issues, issue date cited with reference

CRSP: Discussion Bulletin No. 1 from the Committee for a Revolutionary Socialist Party (CRSP) 1978

Cultural Revolution: “The Cultural Revolution in China: A Socialist Analysis” by Leo Huberman and Paul Sweezy from the January 1967 Monthly Review, reprinted as a REP pamphlet

   CW: Collective Works, journal from the “Federation,” issue number and/or date cited with reference

   Davidson: “Lessons from the Collapse of the Communist Party (ML), in Forward No. 4

Death Row: Live From Death Row, by Mumia Abu-Jamal (Avon, 1995)

   Demarcation: Demarcation journal from group of the same name; issue number and/or date given with reference

D’Emilio: John D’Emilio, Sexual Politics, Sexual Communities

Democratic Left: Democratic Left, publication of DSOC, then DSA, issue date cited with reference

   Deng: Teng Hsiao-Ping: A Political Biography (written before style switch to Deng), by Chi Hsin, Cosmos Books, Hong Kong, 1978

   Dennis: Peggy Dennis, The Autobiography of an American Communist: A Personal View of a Political Life 1925-1975

   Denver: Denver Forum pamphlet on Party Building: The Overall Situation published by the Colorado Organization for Revolutionary Struggle

 Detroit Lives: book Detroit Lives, compiled and edited by Robert Mast

Disney: Nigel Disney, “China and the Middle East,” in MERIP Reports No. 63 December 1977

   Dunbar: Indians of The Americas, by Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz (Praeger, New York, 1984)

   DWP History: Democratic Workers Party, History Committee of the Central Committee, The History of the Democratic Workers Party

   DWP Dissolution: The History and Dissolution of the Democratic Workers Party, by Peter Siegel, Nancy Strohl, et al 1987 manuscript later published in SR

Echols: Alice Echols, Daring to Be Bad: Radical Feminism in America 1967-1975 (University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis) 1989

   Epstein: Barbara Epstein, Political Protest and Cultural Revolution

Epton/BLM: Bill Epton, The Black Liberation Struggle (Within the Current World Struggle), Black Liberation Press

 ERC: pamphlet from Equal Rights Congress in 1980, We Won’t Go Back: The Rise of the Ku Klux Klan and the Southern Struggle for Equality

Evans: Sara Evans, Personal Politics: The Roots of Women’s Liberation in the Civil Rights Movement & the New Left

   Fact Sheet: Vietnam Fact Sheet, 1845-1973, from Indochina Solidarity Committee

Fage: A History of Africa, by J. D. Fage (1978, Routledge, London and New York)

   False Promises: Stanley Aronowitz, False Promises; The Shaping of American Working Class Consciousness 1973

Farrakhan: In the Name of Elijah Muhammad: Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, by Mattias Gardell (Duke University Press, Durham, 1996)

   FEER/ Revisionism: “Revisionism Revisited” article in Far Eastern Economic Review, April 10, 1986

 Fields: A. Belden Fields, Trotskyism and Maoism, Theory and Practice in France and the United States

Fighting: Highlights of a Fighting History: 60 Years of the Communist Party USA by the CPUSA, Philip Bart chief editor

 Fire: Fire, or Fire Next Time, brief SDS/Weatherman publication succeeding New Left Notes, issue no. and/or date cited with reference

Five Retreats: The Five Retreats: A History of the Failure of the Progressive Labor Party, by D.S. Sumner and R.S. Butler (pseudonyms for Jim Dann and Hari Dillon), 1977 Reconstruction Press

   FM: Forward Motion, magazine sponsored by PUL, then Freedom Road Socialist Organization, issue date cited with reference

   Forward: Forward, journal sponsored by LRS, various issues, issue date cited with reference

Fourth: Resolutions and Reports from the 1979 World Congress of the Fourth International

   Fragments: Beyond the Fragments: Feminism and the Making of Socialism, by Sheila Rowbotham, Lynne Segal and Hilary Wainwright

 Franklin: Bruce E. Franklin, From the Movement Toward Revolution 1971 anthology

Freed: Agony in New Haven: The Trial of Bobby Seale, Ericka Huggins and the Black Panther Party, by Donald Freed (New York, Simon and Schuster, 1973)

 Freedom: Voices of Freedom: An Oral History of the Civil Rights movement from the 1950s through the 1980s, Harry Hampton and Steve Fayer, (Bantam Books, New York, February 1990)

Freedomways: Freedomways magazine, issue number and or/date cited with reference

   Frontline: newspaper of Line of March, issue date/number cited with reference; sometimes cite is from a Frontline Supplement  packet

   Future: Monthly Review Press book,  The Future of Socialism: Perspectives from the Left, edited by William K. Tabb

Gabriel: Andrea Gabriel, Getting a Grasp on the Situation: A Women’s Perspective on the USSR, China, Albania and the Theory of the ‘Three Worlds’  1978 pamphlet

   GCW: Global Class War, a pamphlet by Communist Cadre

   Georgakas: Detroit I Do Mind Dying: A Study in Urban Revolution, by Dan Georgakas and Marvin Surkin

   Gitlin: Todd Gitlin, The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage 

   Gitlin-World: Todd Gitlin, The Whole World Is Watching: Mass Media in the Making and Unmaking of the New Left 

Glick: Prologue to in-progress book by Ted Glick, in my computer,  seemref\glick.doc

Goines chron or Goines: Extensive chronology at the end of, or citation from the body of, Goines, David; The Free Speech Movement: Coming of Age in the 1960s. Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, 1993

Goodwin: Richard Goodwin book, Remembering America

   Gosse:  Van Gosse, Where the Boys Are: Cuba, Cold War America and the Making of a New Left

Green: James R. Green, The World of the Worker: Labor in Twentieth Century America (Hill & Wang, New York, 1980)

Greensboro: Amilcar Cabral/Paul Robeson Collective & Greensboro Collective, The Greensboro Massacre: Critical Lessons for the 1980s  pamphlet 1980

   Guarasci: Richard Guarasci, The Theory and Practice of American Marxism, 1957-1970 (University Press of America, Lanham, Maryland, 1980 

   Guardian: Guardian various issues, issue date cited with reference

   Hall-S: Stuart Hall essay “The ‘First’ New Left: Life and Times” included in Oxford University Socialist Discussion Group (Editors), Out of Apathy: Voices of the New Left 30 Years On, Verso, London-New York, 1989

   Hamilton: “On the History of the Revolutionary Union” by Steve Hamilton in TR #13 & 14

   Handbook: World Communism: A Handbook 1918-1965, edited by Witold Sworakowski, Hoover Institution, 1973 

 Harding: Harry Harding (Editor), China’s Foreign Relations in the 1980s (Yale University Press, New Haven and London, 1984)

   Hard Times: Hard Times (originally Mayday) newsletter, issue no. cited with reference

Haunted: I.F. Stone, The Haunted Fifties

Hawaii: The Birth of the Modern Hawaiian Movement, Haunani-Kay Trask

Hayden: Trial, by Tom Hayden

Haywood: Haywood, Harry Black Bolshevik: Autobiography of an Afro-American Communist, Liberator Press, Chicago 1978

   Haywood Opinion: Harry Haywood, “China and Its Supporters Were Wrong About USSR,” published in the Guardian April 11, 1984

Healey: Interview with Dorothy Healey from Radical America May-June 1977

Heat: Puerto Rican Revolutionary Workers Organization, Party Building in the Heat of Class Struggle  1976 pamphlet

   Heins: Strictly Ghetto Property: The Story of Los Siete de la Raza, by Marjorie Heins

History-Vietnam: Outline History of the Vietnam Workers Party

Hobsbawm: Eric Hobsbawm, The Age of Extremes

House Divided: A House Divided: Labor and White Supremacy, book by Roxanne Mitchell and Frank Weiss (United Labor Press, New York, 1981)

Hoxha: Enver Hoxha, Imperialism and the Revolution, reprinted in COUSML’s journal Proletarian Internationalism, February 1979

   Hunter-Green: Influential article “Racism and Busing in Boston” by Allen Hunter and Jim Green, Radical America Nov-Dec, 1974

   Hurricane: Paul Chaat Smith and Robert Allen Warrior, Like a Hurricane: The Indian Movement from Alcatraz to Wounded Knee   

Hutchings: Phil Hutchings, “Radical Forum” in the Guardian summer 1974

   Ignatin: “The POC: A Personal Memoir,” Noel Ignatin, TR #12

Indochina: The War in Indochina, pamphlet by Irwin Silber

Influential: Columbus Salley, The Black 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential African-Americans Past and Present (Carol Publishing Group, New York, 1993)

Inside the SWP: In Defense of American Trotskyism: The Struggle Inside the Socialist Workers Party 1979-1983, edited by Sarah Lovell (Fourth Internationalist Tendency, New York, 1992)

   Intervention: The Politics of Intervention: The United States in Central America, edited by Roger Burbach and Patricia Flynn 

IS-Bulletin: Liaison Bulletin for the Fourth Congress of the Canadian organization In Struggle!, bulletin number given with reference  

   Isserman: Isserman, Maurice, If I Had a Hammer

 It’s Not the Bus: It’s Not the Bus: Busing and the Democratic Struggle in Boston, 1974-1975, pamphlet from PUL written in 1975

   IWK Journal: Journal of I Wor Kuen, issue # cited with reference

   Jacoby: Russell Jacoby, Stalin, Marxism-Leninism and the Left, pamphlet from New England Free Press

   Jaffe: The Rise and Fall of American Communism, by Philip Jaffe

James: C.L.R.. James: A Political Biography, by Kent Worcester (State University of New York Press, Albany)

Jericho: web-based post about Jericho-free political prisoners demonstration March 28, 1998  

   Jezer: Marty Jezer, Abbie Hoffman: An American Rebel (Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, 1992) Walden Pond Books, not in my library

Johnson: Paul Johnson, Modern Times: The World from the Twenties to the Eighties (Harper & Row, New York) 1983 Walden Pond Books, not in my library

   Jxxx: Unpublished packet of materials by Dave Jxxx about his experiences in the Canadian counterpart to the U.S. New Communist Movement in the early 1970s

   Kapitalistate: Working Papers on the Kapitalistate, issue number/date cited with reference

   Karnow: Stanley Karnow’s Vietnam: A History (The Viking Press, New York, 1983)

   Katsiaficas: George Katsiaficas, The Imagination of the New Left: A Global Analysis of 1968  

   Keep Strong: magazine of the Intercommunal Survival Committee, issue number and/or date cited with reference

   Kelley: Robin D.G. Kelley and Betsy Esch, Black Like Mao: Red China and Black Revolution

   King: Mary King, Freedom Song  (1987, William Morrow and Company, New York)

Klare: Michael T. Klare, War Without End: American Planning for the Next Vietnams

   Kotz/Weir: Revolution from Above: The Demise of the Soviet System, by David Kotz with Fred Weir (Routledge, London and New York, 1997)

   Labor Report: Line of March Labor Commission 1981 Report, published in “Frontline” activists’ bulletin No. 1 (this publication was later retitled Notes on the Class Struggle and Communist Practice after Frontline newspaper was launched)

   Lalich: “The Cadre Ideal” in Cultic Studies Journal, by Janja Lalich

   LaRouche: Dennis King, Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism (Doubleday, New York, 1989)

Latin American Radicalism: Irving Louis Horowitz, Josué de Castro and John Gerassi (Editors), Latin American Radicalism: A Documentary Report on Left and Nationalist Movements 

   Left Encyclopedia: The Encyclopedia of the American Left, edited by Mari Jo Buhle, Paul Buhle and Dan Georgakas, first edition (1990, Garland Publishers, New York)

Legacy: Perspectives on Black Liberation and Social Revolution: Malcolm X: Radical Tradition and a Legacy of Struggle Conference Proceedings, edited by Abdul Alkalimat (Twenty-First Century Books and Publications, Chicago, 1991)

   Leviathan: Leviathan magazine, issue date/number cited with reference

   Liberation: Liberation magazine, issue dated cited with reference  

   Line of March: Line of March theoretical journal, various issues, issue number cited with reference

   Links: Links: International Journal of Socialist Renewal, issue number cited with reference 

Louie: Miriam Louie, “Yellow, Brown & Red”: Towards an Appraisal of Marxist Influences on the Asian American Movement  paper 1991

   LRS Dissolution: Dissolution statement of LRS

   LSM News: Journal of the Liberation Support Movement, issue number cited with reference

   Magri: Lucio Magri, “The European Left: Between Crisis and Refoundation” – a talk given at a seminar sponsored by the Brazil Workers Party in September 1991, later published in New Left Review

   Maitan: pamphlet September 20, 1975 by Trotskyist Livio Maitan, On the position of Lotta Continua: from Chile to Portugal, nature and implications of Chinese International Policy 

Mao Makes 5: And Mao Makes 5, Raymond Lotta (RCP) book defending the Gang of Four (Banner Press, Chicago, 1978)

Marable: Black American Politics: From the Washington Marches to Jesse Jackson, by Manning Marable

   Marqusee: Mike Marqusee, Redemption Song: Muhammad Ali and the Spirit of the Sixties 

Meeting: Collection of the speeches from the parties at the “Meeting of Representatives of the Parties and Movements Participating in the Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution” in Moscow

Mesa-Lago: Revolutionary Change in Cuba, Carmelo Mesa-Lago, editor

Miller: pamphlet, Against Revisionism, by Michael A. Miller

Mime: The San Francisco Mime Troupe: The First Ten Years by R.G. Davis

MINP: A Summation on the Development and Split of MINP-El Comité, pamphlet by the Revolutionary Left Movement

MINP-2: “Statement on the Division in MINP-EC,” published in Obreras en marcha and as a separate pamphlet by MINP-EC

MIR History: What Is The MIR? Notes on the History of the MIR pamphlet  BMOV-4

   MLQ: Marxist-Leninist Quarterly, journal from PL, issue number and/or date cited with reference

Monthly Review or MR: Monthly Review magazine, issue vol./no. and/or date given with reference

Moss: Robert Moss, Urban Guerrillas: The New Face of Political Violence (Temple Smith, London, 1972)

Movement: The Movement newspaper, issue date and/or number cited with reference

Moving On: Moving On, magazine of the New American Movement, issue date cited with reference

MPOC Bulletin: MPOC Bulletin, published by the Mass Party Organizing Committee, Vol. and No. and/or date listed with reference

   MSP: Pamphlet from MSP: The MSP of Puerto Rico

   Muñoz: Carlos Muñoz, Jr., Youth, Identity, Power: The Chicano Movement 

Myerson: Unpublished paper by Michael Myerson, “The Crisis In Our Party”

Myerson/Peace: Speech by Mike Myerson to 1983 convention of U.S. Peace Council

Myth: Michael Goldfield and Melvin Rothenberg, The Myth of Capitalism Reborn: A Marxist Critique of Theories of Capitalist Restoration in the USSR (Soviet Union Study Project/Line of March Publications, San Francisco, 1980)

NACLA: NACLA newsletter, then NACLA’s Latin America & Empire Report and later NACLA Report on the Americas.  issue date and/or number cited with reference

 Nationalism: Modern Black Nationalism: From Marcus Garvey to Louis Farrakhan, edited by William L. Van Deburg (New York University Press, New York and London, 1997)

   NBUF/RO: The Founding of the National Black United Front and Its Revolutionary Potential, pamphlet from Ray O. Light

NCIPA Bulletin: NCIPA Discussion Bulletin published by the National Committee for Independent Political Action, issue no. and/or date cited with reference

   NCM-MS: Manuscript of untitled book on New Communist Movement, not sure of author (PH; Phil Hill?), and also not sure if it was ever published 

New Left: James O’Brien, A History of the New Left, 1960-1968  pamphlet 1969, originally a three-part series in Radical America in 1968

Next Vietnam: Pamphlet: Philippines: Next Vietnam, Kilusan Publications

NLR: New Left Review, various issues, # and/or date cited with reference

 Noia: Robert F. Noia, Sparticist: A Zinovievite Sect

 Nonviolence: The Power of the People: Active Nonviolence in the United States, edited by Robert Cooney & Helen Michalowski  1977

   North Star: Magazine published by North Star Network, issue number cited with reference   

Nove: Alec Nove, Stalinism and After    

 NTC: The National Toxics Campaign: Some Reflections, Thoughts for the Movement, by Peter Cervantes-Gautschi et al

   NYT/2-20-97: New York Times coverage of Deng Xiaoping’s death

   Obit: The New Communist Movement: An Obituary pamphlet, by Al Szymanski writing as the Movement for a Revolutionary Left

O’Brien: Jim O’Brien, American Leninism in the 1970s, a New England Free Press pamphlet, originally published in the Nov. 1977-Feb. 1978 issue of Radical America

OL-TU: Building Class Struggle Trade Unions: A Communist View, pamphlet from the October League  1977

Open Letter: Arthur Kinoy’s Open Letter for a Mass Party of the People

   Organizer: Newspaper of the PWOC, various issues, date cited with reference 

 Osawatomie: magazine from the Weather Underground Organization, issue number and/or date given with reference

   PA or Political Affairs: Political Affairs, journal of the CPUSA, issue cited with reference

   Palante: newspaper of the Young Lords Party and then PRRWO, issue date cited with reference

Palestine: Palestinian Rights, Affirmation & Denial, edited by Ibrahim Abu-Lughod (Medina Press, Wilmette, Illinois, 1982)

Parting the Waters: Taylor Branch, Parting the Waters: America in the King Years 1954-63

Party Problem: The Problem of “the Party,” regroupment-oriented 1984 pamphlet with opinion pieces by Mel Rothenberg, David Finkel and Steve Zeluck

Paterson: pamphlets Trial Statement of New Afrikan Revolutionary Kuwasi Balagoon and Sundiata Acoli’s Brink’s Trial Statement, published by the Paterson Anarchist Collective

   PCI: Italian Communist Party Resolution of December 29, 1981 and Statement in L’Unita January 26, 1982 

   Peace Resource: Peace Resource Book, Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies 

   Peck on China: Article by J. Peck “Why China ‘Turned West’ from May 1972 Ramparts, reprinted in Socialist Register 1972

People’s Democracy: journal from Revolutionary Review Press, issue date and/or number cited with reference

Perestroika: Perestroika: Gorbachev’s Program for Socialist Renewal and a New Way of Thinking, packet of Frontline reprints

PFLP: Political Report of the PFLP’s Fourth Congress

   Pillar: Taylor Branch, Pillar of Fire: America in the King Years 1963-65 

   Piven/Cloward: Frances Fox Piven and Richard A. Cloward, Poor People’s Movements: Why They Succeed, How They Fail

   PL: PL/Progressive Labor magazine, issue number and/or date cited with reference

Point 18: OC pamphlet, Against “Left” Internationalism, The Struggle for Point 18

   Polemic on the General Line or Polemic on the General Line/Whence the Differences?: Two collections of polemics published by the CPC: Whence the Differences? and The Polemic on the General Line of the International Communist Movemen

   Postmodern Age: Marxism in the Postmodern Age, collection of papers from conference sponsored by Rethinking Marxism in 1992

Powerful: Powerful Black Women, by Jessie Carrey Smith (Visible Ink Press, Detroit, New York, Toronto, 1996)

 Prize: Eyes on the Prize, by Juan Williams, Penguin, 1987-88

   Problems: Problems of Communism, magazine of the USIA, issue date cited with reference 

   Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico: The Flame of Resistance book by Peoples Press

   R&D: Revolution & Democracy article by Harry Boyte and Frank Ackerman, in SR #16 and a NAM pamphlet

   Radical America or RA: Radical America various issues, number and/or date cited with reference

   Radicalism: The Radicalism Handbook: A Complete Guide to the Radical Movement in the Twentieth Century, by John Button (1995, Cassell, London)

Radicals: Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky

Rads: Rads: The 1970 Bombing of the Army Math Research Center at the University of Wisconsin and Its Aftermath, by Tom Bates   

Rxxx: Letter about the disbanding of the Marxist-Leninist Party, supplied to me by M. Rxxx

Ramparts: Ramparts magazine, issue date cited with reference

   Raskin/Fall: The Vietnam Reader: Articles and Documents on an American Foreign Policy Crisis, edited by Marcus Raskin and Bernard Fall (Vintage/Random House, 1965 and revised edition 1967)

Ray O. Light: The Present Party Building Movement in the U.S.A. and the Materialist Conception of History, 1976 pamphlet from Ray O. Light

Rectify/Rebuild: Rectify Errors, Rebuild the Party, documents from the CPP’s 1968 Re-establishment Congress

Red Dawn: periodical issued by Red Dawn Committee (ML), issue number cited with reference

   Red Papers: Pamphlet series by RU/RCP and one by the RWH; issue number cited with reference

   Refutation: Dialectics of Development on Nelson Peery’s Head: Refutation of the Communist League, by the Central Organization of U.S. Marxist-Leninists

Return: Return to the Source: Selected Speeches of Amilcar Cabral  MR Press 1973

   Reunion: Reunion: A Memoir, by Tom Hayden

   Revolution or Revolution Magazine: monthly newspaper of the RU, later “organ of the Central Committee of the RCP” in newsprint and then magazine form; issue date and/or number cited with reference

   Revolution Rescued: Kampuchea: The Revolution Rescued by Irwin Silber (also issue No. 19 of Line of March journal)

   Richmond: Richmond, Al. A Long View from the Left

 Road: The Socialist Road by Jerry Tung

Rocamora: “The Crisis in the National Democratic Movement and the Transformation of the Philippine Left,” by Joel Rocamora, Debate-Philippine Left Review

Rock & Roll: The New Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll, edited by Patricia Rowanowski and Holly George-Warren, (Rolling Stone Press, Second Edition 1995)

Rolling Stone: 20 Years of Rolling Stone: What a Long, Strange Trip Its Been, Jann S. Wenner Editor (1987, Straight Arrow Publishers/Friendly Press, New York)

   Roots: Our Roots Are Still Alive: The Story of the Palestinian People (Peoples Press, San Francisco, 1977)

   Rorabaugh: W.J. Rorabaugh, Berkeley at War: The 1960s

RWH/BACU Merger Statement: Announces merger of BACU into RWH

Sale: Sale, Kirkpatrick, SDS

SalesJr:  Sales Jr., William W. From Civil Rights to Black Liberation: Malcolm X and the Organization of Afro-American Unity. South End Press, Boston, 1994

Sarkis: What Went Wrong?: Articles and Letters on the U.S. Communist Left in the 1970s, collection from PUL, edited with an introduction by Charles Sarkis

Schools: Rethinking Schools: An Agenda for Change, edited by David Levine, Robert Lowe, Bob Peterson and Rita Tenorio (The New Press, New York, 1995)

   Schurmann: Franz Schurmann, The Logic of World Power: An Inquiry into the Origins, Currents, and Contradictions of World Politics

   SDHx: Folder with miscellaneous published and unpublished material on social democracy/democratic socialism/NAM/DSOC/DSA/SP history

   Second Cold War: Fred Halliday, The Making of the Second Cold War 

Seventh Summit: The World Economic and Social Crisis: Report to the Seventh Summit Conference on Non-Aligned Countries, by Fidel Castro

   Shilts: Randy Shilts, The Mayor of Castro Street: The Life and Times of Harvey Milk (1982, St. Martins Press, New York)

  Shots: Phyllis Bennis, Calling the Shots: How Washington Dominates Today’s U.N. (Olive Branch Press, Brooklyn, 1996)

Sison: Pamphlet entitled José María Sison, by the Alliance for Philippine National Democracy

Sisterhood: Sisterhood Is Powerful anthology

Sixties Papers: The Sixties Papers: Documents of a Rebellions Decade, edited by Judith Clavir Albert and Stewart Edward Albert (Praeger, New York-Westport-London) 1984

   Socialist Register: The Socialist Register, annual collection edited by Ralph Miliband and John Saville  year given with reference

Solid-IS History: Folder with sources on the history of IS, Workers Power, ISO and then the re-merged Solidarity

   Sooner or Later: Sooner or Later, pamphlet by Communist Unity Organization 1980

   Southern Patriot and then Southern Struggle: Southern Patriot, newspaper of SCEF, after January 1977 renamed Southern Struggle, issue date cited with reference

   Soviet-Germany: The Soviet Union: Is It  the Nazi Germany of Today? Chicago Communist Committee, pamphlet 1977

   Spoke: Who Spoke Up? – American Protest Against the War in Vietnam, 1963-1975, Nancy Zaroulis and Gerald Sullivan    

    SR: Socialist Revolution/Socialist Review, various issues, issue date or number cited with reference

Starobin: Starobin, Joseph. American Communism in Crisis, 1943-1957

   Stonewall: Stonewall by Martin Duberman

   Storm: Beyond the Storm: A Gulf Crisis Reader, edited by Phyllis Bennis and Michel Moushabeck

Strategy: Draft Report of the Wisconsin Alliance Strategy Commission, issued July


   Street Fighting Years: Street Fighting Years, An Autobiography of the Sixties, by Tariq Ali

Streets: James Miller, “Democracy Is in The Streets”: From Port Huron to the Siege of Chicago

Student Generation: 1968: A Student Generation in Revolt, an international oral history edited by Ronald Fraser

Szymanski: Al Szymanski, Is the Red Flag Flying?: The Political Economy of the Soviet Union Today 

Taft-Hartley: Repeal the Taft Hartley Slave Labor Act, A Workers Press (CLP) pamphlet

TasksIS: The Period and the Tasks of the Revolutionary Left, pamphlet by International Socialists

   Tenth: Documents from the Tenth National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC)

   Theoretical Review or TR: Journal advancing “primacy of theory” position, 1977-1983, various issues, issue number cited with reference

   Top 40: The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits, Joel Whitburn (Billboard Books, 1992)

Toribio: “We Are Revolution: A Reflective History of the KDP” by HC Toribio, to appear in Amerasia magazine, yet-to-be-published draft in my files

Torres: Andrés Torres, and José E. Velázquez, (Editors), The Puerto Rican Movement: Voices from the Diaspora

Trial: “The Trial of the Gang of Four and the Crisis of Maoism”, by the Line of March Editorial Board, in Line of March #6

   Triple Jeopardy: Triple Jeopardy, newspaper of the Third World Women’s Alliance, issue number and/or date cited with reference

Ture: Special introduction to 1992 edition of Stokely Carmichael (now Kwame Ture) and Charles V. Hamilton, Black Power: The Politics of Liberation in America (New York: Random House, originally published in 1967)

   TWWA: Pamphlet titled Third World Women’s Alliance: Our History, Our Ideology, Our Goals, pamphlet in “National Reports from NY 1971”

Underground: Voices from the Underground: Insider Histories of the Vietnam Era Underground Press, Volume I

Unfinished: Unfinished Business, 20 Years of Socialist Review, edited by the Socialist Review Collectives  (Verso, London, New York, 1991

Unite!: Unite!, newspaper of the MLOC/CPUSA-ML, issue number and/or date cited with reference

Unite the Many: Guardian pamphlet, Unite the Many, Defeat the Few, by Jack Smith

   Unity: Unity, the newspaper of LRS, issue date cited with reference

   Untold: Labor’s Untold Story, by Richard O. Boyer and Herbert M. Morais, UE-United Electrical Workers & Cameron Associates, New York, first edition 1955

 URPE/Crisis: Radical Perspectives on the Economic Crisis of Monopoly Capitalism, a Union for Radical Political Economics Political Education & Action Publication 1975

   Utopia: Chapter from Utopia and Dissent by Richard Candida Smith

   Viewpoint: Viewpoint, short-lived periodical of Eurocommunist-oriented ex-CPers, issue number listed with cite

Viorst: Milton Viorst, Fire in the Streets: America in the 1960s  (Simon & Schuster, New York) 1979

VVAW/WSO: Northern California VVAW/WSO In a Time of Struggle: An Open Letter to Anti-Imperialist Forces 1975 pamphlet

Wald: Alan Wald, The New York Intellectuals

Wall Flyer: Handout from Milwaukee anti-war movement 1971

   Way: pamphlet, The Failure of the Left to Create a Mass Movement and the Way Forward, by The Way Forward Collective

Weather: Ron Jacobs, The Way the Wind Blew: A History of the Weather Underground  

 Wei: William Wei, The Asian American Movement

   Workers Viewpoint: Workers Viewpoint journal, then newspaper, publication of the WVO and later CWP, issue number and/or date cited with reference

   WUO Split: The Split of the Weather Underground Organization, early 1977 from the John Brown Book club

   Yugoslavia: “Yugoslavia’s Wars: Notes on Nationalism,” by Jasminka Udovicki, in Radical America Vol. 24, No. 3 published February 1993


End of Part Six/End of Chronology